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    GST Registration in India at just Rs. 499/- (all inclusive)

    FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, responsible for the issuance of food licenses to food business operators. It is the apex body incorporated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Government of India is accountable for setting up standards for selling, packaging or storage of food items in India.

    The food business operators shall be given a 14 digit number by FSSAI after successful completion of the registration procedure.

    The FSSAI Registration was divided into 3 categories relying on criteria of business turnover. There is an additional criterion for obtaining registration or license. This criterion is dependent upon the production capacity of the food business unit regardless of the turnover of the business. The Food Processing Units, Slaughtering Units, Meat processing Units are allotted their registration or license dependent on the latter criteria.

    • Basic FSSAI Registration – Basic FSSAI Registration is mandatory for petty food business operators. It is also recognized as the Basic FSSAI License. The turnover of such business must not go beyond the limit of Rs. 12 lac per annum. A petty retailer shall include hawker, itinerant vendor or temporary stallholder.
    • FSSAI State License – FSSAI State license is mandatory for business with turnover between Rs. 12 Lac to Rs. 20 Cr. annually or/additionally. The turnover limitation is the same for an FSSAI State trading license or an FSSAI State Manufacturing license.
    • FSSAI Central License – FSSAI Central License is mandatory for business with a turnover above Rs. 20 Cr for manufacturing or trading or storage beyond certain limited as stated by the law.

    Documents Required

    Pan card of FBO

    Supporting Documents

    NOC through Municipality/Panchayat, Health NOC

    Declaration relating to the Business details in Form A

    Photo Identity of FBO

    Proof of possession of business premises

    Incorporation Certificate / Deed of Partnership / Articles of Association


    Fill up Application Form

    The executive will Process Application

    Pay Online

    Get your Certificate

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      An FSSAI License can be renewed 30 days before the initial license expires. For this, our team would require your current license number. We will re-fill the Form A and B in order to renew your license. It takes about 30-40 days for license renewal. The fee charged by the government is the same for both, issuing a new license and for renewing an expired one.

      A Central license will be applicable for your business for the registered office of your company and separate state licenses would be required for your manufacturing units in particular states.

      Yes, a central license is required for your business from the address in the import-export code. The FSSAI license is mandatory for importing or exporting food items.

      Yes, you need to get the FSSAI central license for the export unit as it is mandatory for both exporting and importing good products.

      Yes, an FSSAI license is required for all kinds of food-related businesses including trading, manufacturing, transportation or distribution.

      Yes, all catering establishments need to get a license from the FSSAI even the ones which are under the central government such as the airport or the railways. Most of the time, they are required to get the central license.

      If the location of the warehouses is different, even if they are in the same city, they all require different licenses for each.

      The process of getting a license for a restaurant or a catering service is similar to getting any other license.

      Section 48 of the FSSAI contains the information of all the offences and penalties and penalties are given under sections 49- 67 of the Act.

      “Recall” is the action taken by FBOs to withdraw any food item from the market which does not comply with section 28 of the FSS Act, 2006.

      Yes, certain FBOs specified by law need to file an annual return in the prescribed manner.

      As per the FSSAI (Licensing and Registration) Regulations, 2011 registrations and licenses are issued to FBOs in 3 tier system, namely; Registration, State License and Central License.

      FSSAI Registration or License is issued to FBOs running at the premises under Railways are granted by the Railways designated officers / FSO.

      APHO/ PHO issues the FSSAI Registration/ license to FBOs at a seaport/ airport through the Online FLRS system.

      Yes. All FBOs, including medical stores, need to obtain FSSAI Registration/ License.